Consulting Case Studies:Marketing support in Japan by Golf Reservation EC Sites(Thailand)

I had supported Thailand golf reservation site.
I provided Japanese pages on their site , SEO and marketing advice at Japanese Golf market.


Details of request

They ran a golf booking business in Thailand. They asked me to create golf booking site within English and Japanese pages to increase the number of bookings from overseas.
I advised them on creating a Japanese language page and marketing it to the Japanese.

My Proposal

I did a market and competitor analysis and set my customer targets.
As a strategy that our competitors could not imitate, we proposed a call center that would be available in Japanese.
In line with our target customer( Foreign Independent Tour), we proposed an inexpensive, simple, green-fee-only booking service instead of the traditional full package service.

Client’s voice

He’s very smart. He was very knowledgeable about business strategy and IT and helped us with our business. He continued to advise us even after the coronavirus made it difficult for us to do business. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with him.


Please feel free to ask me.

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